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for the fashion & sustainability lovers in web3.


TIALS.World is the continuation of our Web2 brand THIS IS A LOVE SONG as we journey into this exciting world of web3.

THIS IS A LOVE SONG was created to empower women - both the women that wear the clothes and the women that make them.

Now we want to take it a step further by empowering YOU to create the clothes and collaborate with the creators to make a difference in sustainable fashion.

In TIALS.World you are the designer, the investor, the wearer and the change maker

It is the place is where we merge creativity, community and sustainability together to bring you the first made to order, sustainable and ethical fashion brand in web3.




Metaverse, Web3

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Cosmic Vintage Planet

Our mission

With TIALS.World our goal is to empower you, the community to be part of writing our next chapter!

Our initial mission is to onboard you into web3 so first we want to invite you to join our Discord channel to become part of the project and the road map before we launch.

If you're reading this you're SO early...

You know what that means!

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The first 2000

discord members will receive the OG role.

The OG Role will unlock special benefits in the future so it pays to be early!

This is for you...

Why you should join.

  • You love sustainable fashion!
  • You are an influencer or content creator
  • You are a fashion entrepreneur or designer
  • You dream of having your own fashion brand
  • You want to learn about Web3 in a safe space.
  • You love our brand THIS IS A LOVE SONG
  • You want to be part of an awesome community and the next fashion revolution